Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sidetracked Week 9 # 21 Podcast

Okay, so I haven't actually gotten around to podcasting yet. I bought my Audacity Kit and downloaded all the software & gear last year. I had an idea, I wanted students to read stories to their younger siblings at my feeder schools. Sounds good, but I wanted the impossible. I wanted students to get permission from the authors prior to doing a public performance. Since this was an afterschool project for my Library Club, which meets once a month, there was a lot of initial enthusiasm, but no follow through. So change of plan, do works in the public domain. Getting Junior High students to choose, rehearse and record a story just didn't work in the library club format. Next year it will happen using my faithful library minions, the library aides(maybe).

Anyway, what I learned today was how to convert .wma files to .wav files. Not all audio files are suitable for uploading. Who knew? Although the lesson plan provided says that Itunes has the ability to do this feat of magic, I did not have any success in figuring that out. Each time I tried to use the convert feature it would not allow me, even though I own the music legally. So I had to burn the CD into my computer, download Switch, convert the output file to .wav and voila a file that can be played on a blogspot. I first posted the audio file to my Library 2.0 Ningpage,(Won't you be my friend?) which then allowed me to copy the embed code, so I could post it on this blog.
I am using the work for educational purposes only! So no enjoying the music!


rob said...

I appreciate the variety of technologies you use! I'd love to be your friend on Library20 but I don't know your name :-)

librarymum said...

I would like to be your friend too, you have such great ideas and make it all fun. I already have a Ning account, but it wouldn't let me log in. I'll try again when I'm not so tired!

librarymum said...

Oh, thanks for the catchy music. I made sure I didn't enjoy it! (hee, hee!)