Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Film is hard Week 9 #20

After watching YouTube filmlets for three days, trying to find something worthwhile to post to my blog, I have to say,I have a greater appreciation for film directors in general. It is an incredible ability to be able to tell a cogent story on film. Who knew there were so many bad film makers with a dire need to share their work? YouTube has given them voice.
I searched on APTOS to see what was being posted locally. On the up side, I found some very exciting videos of “my kids” skateboarding and dirt bike jumping at the local Polo Grounds and the Post Office. No wonder my skateboard and BMX books are so popular. Think I will have to add some more. On the downside, these videos all contain copyright problems so I decided not to copy them. Is permission being asked to use this music? I don’t think so. I need to do a better job there.
I watched some very funny Library videos. I laughed at the Conan the Librarian vid. Found the March of the Librarians worthy of a smile. I was inspired by the Library 2.0 Manifesto. I carefully avoided foot fetish and “naughty” librarian vids, ewww! I watched Carl Sagan’s tribute to my Greek hero, Eratosthenes. (Too bad he puts me to sleep!)
I finally settled on Parker Posey as a very angry librarian. "Take a break girl!" Enjoy.


bibliotecaria said...

THAT was pretty hilarious! Thanks.

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Yes, that was the first time I saw the "angry librarian" video! The looks on the patrons' faces were great. Thanks.

Randy de Jong said...

You spent some quality time and brought up serious and important points regarding copyright law. You made a wise choice. You are getting close to the end.