Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week 3 Technology

You know, a billion years ago, when I was hired on as a Library Media Tech, one of the interview questions was, "Do you know how to use technology?" At that point in time, existing technology in schools included such advances as overhead projectors, copy machines, & film projectors. Knowing full well that copy machines and I had a mixed relationship at best, I blithely lied, "Of course I do!". But I figured that I could learn, and I have.

I did, however, have a bit of a background with technology. During the early eighties my husband and I owned a business. We were one of the first to install one of those new fangled contraptions, a Personal Computer, into our office for billing and tracking purposes. It was beautiful; with its bright green screen, and techy square font, it was just like something out of Alien. I learned how to do "Data Entry" with a Unix system. Boy was it fast!!!! I'll never forget the scorn the trainer had for me when I asked if we could play games on it. "This is a business machine!"

Well, we have certainly come a long way since those days. My kids are a part of the "I" generation. My son brought his Wii over on Mother's day and we were talking. He mentioned that he has had a copy every Nintendo game system except the original "Gameboy".

At school, I "stole" the first computer to automate the library, and spent one whole summer using my early "data entry" skills uploading the collection. With money I received from winning the Governor's Reading Award 2 years running, the library purchased the server which the school is still using. I believe in technology. I am always fiddling about with fun stuff I find on the internet. Bloglines has been in my favorites since last summer along with LibraryThing. I added a icon to my toolbar back in January and don't know how I got along without it. My hubby says I am an "early adopter" on the Bell curve.

I am however wary of some things. I know, for instance, there is a movement in library land to hold meetings in "Second Life". But I also know that not all in Second Life is on the up and up. Suggestions of money laundering, & terrorism keep me away from joining. So while it is fun to create Avatars and Trading Cards on Flickr, you cannot leave your commen sense behind. If you love Second Life, remember, people may not be as they depict themselves.. I'll say that to adults as well as students. Be cautious.