Monday, December 31, 2007

Book Trailer

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Fat Kid Rules the World by K. L. Going
Young Adult (13+) Mature themes & language.

As a formerly fat person, who continually fights the battle, I can relate to the despair felt by Troy Billings.

Fat, depressed, 296 pound Troy is contemplating a jump from a subway platform, when the junkie thin, truely homeless, punk rock, artist god, Curt MacCrae screams into his life.
With the statement, "You owe me lunch." Curt quickly turns Troy's life upside-down by insisting that Troy is the new drummer for their new Punk Rock band, Rage/Tectonic. Small problems, Troy's last drum lesson was in 7th grade, the band is booked in less than a month, and Troy's stern, Marine Corp dad, has never let him attend a concert.
Powerfully drawn characters, razor sharp dialog, and the gritty setting all make for a reading experience that will move you as easily as the opening rifs of the Ramones Blitzkreig Bop.


Libladylib said...

This is awesome. Very cool. The kids are going to love this!! Did you make the video?? If not, you had to have added to it. That is great.

bibliofan said...

Yes, I put together the video using windows movie maker, creative commons photos from Flickr,& legal music from Glad you enjoyed.

malazar said...

love the idea! how about interest and/or
grade levels??

HammockReader said...

This Book Trailer is really terrific! I've been working on some VoiceThread booktalks for my blog, but in comparison they are so tame. Great job!